microRNA Biomarkers

microRNA Biomarkers

Transforming Detection of microRNA Biomarkers for Precision Medicine

Designed specifically for microRNAs, our technology leverages the power of Nucleic Acid Nanorobotics (NANs) for simplified protocols and improved accuracy.

Pioneering microRNA tests for critical diseases

Drug induced liver injury (DILI)
Prostate cancer
Ovarian cancer
Clinical Validation
Analytical Validation
Research phase
In planning
Clinical study on miR-122 with patient samples to detect liver damage caused by medication. Learn more about our miRometer-122.
We are fine-tuning a panel of biomarkers to improve the sensitivity and selectivity of our assays for early detection and monitoring.
Our assays are in the early research phase, targeting biomarkers that could lead to early and accurate diagnosis.

Having these problems?

Complex Workflows

Traditional qPCR involves over 20 steps to complete an assay, making it labour- intensive and time-consuming. Our NANs platform simplifies this with a streamlined process requiring only two simple steps, significantly reducing the complexity and time required.

Results Variability

Extensive Controls

Specificity Issues

Long Turnaround Times

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Esther will reach out to discuss the needs of your biomarker project.

Our Results

Nanovery’s NANs platform delivers exceptional sensitivity, specificity, and multiplexing capability in biomarker quantification. Our base system reliably reaches sensitivity in the picomolar (pM) range. For more challenging biomarkers, our advanced systems enhance amplification to achieve sensitivity in the femtomolar (fM) range. The platform distinguishes similar sequences, including isomiRs and miRNA families, ensuring precise measurements.

Additionally, our technology supports multiplexing, allowing simultaneous analysis of multiple biomarkers in a single assay, making it an unparalleled tool for advanced biomarker research and
clinical diagnostics.

DNA nanorobots can operate in a wide range of complex environments. Calibration curves obtained in serum show minimal difference to those obtained in water. These identical experiments were performed with 20% water or serum in NAN buffer using Alexa647/BHQ3.

Sensitivity (serum)

DNA nanorobots can detect a specific target from a library of related sequences.

DNA nanorobots are designed to work independently, avoiding interference from system cross-talk. Demonstrated here is a simultaneous detection of four miRNA targets within each individual sample.

Request Customised Demo

  1. Write to us and provide your microRNA biomarker sequence. We’re more than happy to sign an NDA to protect your innovations.
  2. We will perform an in silico evaluation to assess the compatibility of your biomarker with our platform.
  3. Our expert team will design a custom demo assay tailored to detect your specific biomarker.

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