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nucleic acid detection
nucleic acid quantification
nucleic acid assay
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Robust, Easy to Use

Our unique platform technology accurately quantifies nucleic acid sequences in your sample with a quick and simple workflow.

Using cutting-edge DNA nanotechnology, we build nanorobotic sensors tailored to your needs, enabling you to reach better outcomes at a fraction of the effort, cost and time.

Discover how our test works

Step 1

Add nanorobots

Requiring minimal preparation, our nanorobots will find DNA or RNA based biomarkers in a liquid sample.

Step 2

Measure fluorescence

Their fluorescent signal is measured over time to provide an absolute concentration of the target nucleic acid.

Our mission

At Nanovery, our cutting-edge DNA nanorobots are revolutionising the biotechnology landscape. As pioneers in nucleic acid nanorobotics (NANs), our platform is the first to provide comprehensive solutions for RNA therapeutic analysis and biomarker quantification. This innovation elevates research precision and simplifies testing protocols.

Our mission is to make the testing processes as simple as possible to drive advancements in biotech research. Nanovery's NANs technology is not just part of biotechnology's future; it is actively shaping it, ensuring our partners stay at the forefront of innovation.

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Nanovery is pioneering biotechnology innovation, utilising liquid nanorobot technology to transform nucleic acid research and drive industry advancements.