Custom Assay Development

Custom Assay Development

Our process tailors nanorobots to your needs

Step 1

Defining assay needs

Consultation and scoping of requirements.

Step 2

Bespoke assay design

Developing and validating a solution that works for you.

Step 3

Test integration

Adjusting to your laboratory equipment.

Step 4

Ongoing support

We provide staff training with ongoing support.

Looking to upgrade your DNA and RNA testing capabilities?

We’re here to help. We specialise in crafting custom solutions, ensuring a seamless integration with your laboratory equipment. From initial consultation to post-integration support, our team is committed to making your experience effortless. With our advanced nanorobot technology, precision meets innovation. Reach out now, and let us elevate your testing processes.

Our services go beyond the clinical or diagnostic realm. No matter your research focus or sector, our team is ready to collaborate closely with you to understand your needs and challenges. Together, we can design and optimise assays that streamline your work, increase your experimental accuracy, and expedite your discoveries.

How we can build nanorobots tailored to your needs

First, get in touch with us to send your test materials

We’ll check if your samples are compatible with our product

We’ll design nanorobots specific to your target biomarker

We will deliver personalised nanorobots tailored to your needs

We are a data-driven company using DNA nanotechnology and AI to scale up testing of nucleic acids for powerful insights from valuable samples.