Abstract DNA sculptures in a Lab setting

Available Assays

Explore our microRNA assays, designed for commercial, clinical and research projects.

Our assays combine simplicity with speed and accuracy. Using modern technology, they enable precise study of microRNAs in biological contexts. Get reliable results fast and advance the efficiency of your experiments, keeping your research on track. Check our offerings below to find the assay that meets your needs.

miRometer™ Assay Kit

• Direct quantification of specific microRNA
• Robust enzyme-free process
• Signal amplification at room temperature
• Works in complex biological media

In Development

We are pushing the boundaries of science with our portfolio of assays currently in development.

These include tools for investigating mRNA, lncRNA, and single-stranded DNA. As we strive to deliver unparalleled precision, sensitivity, and reliability, these assays are meticulously tested in new environments to ensure they will meet diverse research and diagnostic challenges.

We are a data-driven company using DNA nanotechnology and AI to scale up testing of nucleic acids for powerful insights from valuable samples.