Quarterly Update: March 2024 Highlights

29 Mar 2024
Jurek Kozyra

Spring has brought with it not only new blooms and good weather but also the most impressive quarter we have ever experienced at Nanovery. This period has been marked by incredible growth, thanks to the remarkable efforts and skills of our team. Their dedication and expert work are the driving forces behind our success.

The flourishing progress we've made this quarter is a source of immense pride and a beacon of our collective potential. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved together, reflecting the energy and passion that every member brings to Nanovery.

1. Demystifying DNA Nanorobots: A Visual Journey

We recently launched an animated video that illuminates the sophisticated science behind our NAN technology. For users, the process is incredibly simple: add nanorobots to a sample you're testing, and that's it. This straightforward action hides the sophisticated and complex interactions happening on a molecular level - the aspects that have traditionally been challenging to explain.

The video opens a window into the world of nanorobots, offering insights into the advanced DNA nanotechnology powering their operations within the test tube. Our goal was to make the detailed science behind these robots easy for everyone to understand. We were happy to see that many people loved the video. They told us it helped them grasp complex ideas and showed them the exciting science behind what we do.

We're excited to create more content that explains the science behind our work and welcome your ideas on topics that would be helpful for our future videos. In the meantime, enjoy the animation!

2. Expanding Horizons: Advancing ASO Detection in RNA Therapeutics

We're excited to announce a significant expansion of our business operations into the dynamic field of RNA Therapeutics, with a particular focus on the bioanalysis of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs). This strategic move marks a pivotal moment in our growth, as we deepen our commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge biotechnology.

Key highlights of this initiative are our collaborations with biotech companies across the UK, US, and Europe. These collaborations have allowed us to deploy our nanorobot technology directly in customer laboratories, where it has shown impressive results. The nanorobots are functioning exceptionally well, proving to be effective with minimal training and compatible with existing laboratory equipment. This achievement underscores our technology's versatility and its potential to revolutionise the bioanalysis of ASOs and other modalities.

If you are engaged in ASO research and facing challenges with bioanalysis for pharmacokinetic (PK) studies, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our nanorobot technology provides the solution you need, streamlining your research and offering unparalleled analytical performance within biological samples. Join us in this journey towards innovative solutions in RNA Therapeutics.

3. Advancing Clinical Studies: The miRometer-122 Journey

Our journey with the miRometer-122 has reached a pivotal milestone. The first phase of our key study with clinical samples, focusing on the detection of microRNA-122 in blood plasma samples from patients, has been completed with encouraging outcomes. Our technology was compared to both ALT blood tests (the current standard of care) and qPCR (the gold standard for microRNA quantification), and the results were positive, demonstrating our system's effectiveness and precision.

Excited by this success, we're now transitioning to the second phase of the study. This next step is designed to challenge our technology even further by testing it without any form of sample purification or biomarker extraction. Direct-to-sample measurement represents a significant hurdle for current technologies, but we are confident our system is up to the task. This ability could mark a substantial leap forward in simplifying and expediting biomarker analysis.

As we embark on this next phase, the anticipation is high. Our approach could significantly impact molecular diagnostics by offering a simpler, quicker, and equally accurate alternative to conventional methods. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to explore the potential of our technology in transforming the field.

4. Welcoming a New Expert to Our Team: Cheryl Arrowsmith

Cheryl Arrowsmith is the newest member of our crew. She joins us as an assay validation scientist after spending 15 years in diagnostics, a journey that began with her studies in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sunderland. She's skilled in progressing products from the lab bench to full-scale production, navigating the demands of quality management systems with ease—and always ready with a clever joke to lighten the mood.

Now stepping into DNA nanorobot validation, Cheryl is embracing the new challenges of DNA nanotechnology at Nanovery. It's a bold move, blending her deep-rooted experience with a curiosity for cutting-edge science. Cheryl's ability to see both the forest and the trees makes her perfectly suited for the precision and pioneering innovation we value in our lab.

Her approach? Think Sherlock Holmes in a lab coat, solving each challenge with sharp analysis and a sense of humour that keeps even the most daunting tasks light-hearted. Cheryl's arrival marks not just the addition of a seasoned scientist to our team but a vibrant personality ready to make the intricacies of nanorobot validation engaging and, dare we say, fun! Welcome aboard, Cheryl.

5. Securing Innovations and Sharing Knowledge

We're proud to announce that Nanovery has filed a new patent, safeguarding our latest innovations in dynamic DNA nanotechnology. This strategic move ensures the protection of our unique developments, reinforcing our commitment to leading the edge of scientific discovery. This patent not only secures our intellectual property but also strengthens our position in the biotechnology industry, promising exciting possibilities ahead.

In addition to protecting our advancements, we've published a study on using AI and machine learning to predict the rate constants of toehold-mediated strand displacement. This publication reflects our efforts to deepen the scientific community's understanding of molecular interactions, providing a practical tool for researchers working with DNA nanotechnology. It's a testament to our team's hard work in bridging the gap between complex biochemical processes and computational prediction methods. You can read it here: [LINK].

6. Forging Connections at RNA Leaders and BioEurope Spring

This month, Nanovery made a strong impression at two key events, with Mark attending the RNA Leaders forum in Basel for 15 meetings, and Jurek engaging in 25 meetings at BioEurope Spring in Barcelona. Both events were centred around forging strategic partnerships and deepening our understanding of the RNA therapeutics landscape.

Both forums consistently emphasised the pressing need for new bioanalysis solutions. Our technology’s potential to advance RNA-based therapies, especially in the ASO and siRNA fields, was clear. This was a pivotal opportunity to showcase how our solutions can meet the industry's challenges.

Jurek’s experience at BioEurope Spring was enriched by attending company presentations at the drug discovery and development session. This platform offered valuable insights into the current landscape and future directions of RNA therapeutics, further emphasising the relevance of our bioanalysis technology in this evolving field.

A highlight of the event was the evening reception held at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. This stunning venue provided a perfect setting for informal discussions and networking, fostering connections that could shape the future of RNA therapeutics.

Thank you!

As we reflect on the recent months, it's clear that a lot has been happening at Nanovery, driven by the exceptional efforts of our team. Expanding into new areas, achieving key milestones, and engaging with the broader scientific community have been highlights of our journey. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our team members, whose hard work continues to propel us forward!

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