Nanovery secures over £1.85 million for cancer diagnostic solution

Nanovery secures over £1.85 million for cancer diagnostic solution

12 Apr 2023
Jurek Kozyra

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We at Nanovery are thrilled to announce that we have successfully raised over £1.85 million in funding to further our mission of saving lives through better testing for prostate cancer. This funding round is a significant milestone for our company, enabling us to make breakthroughs in disease detection and diagnostic technologies.

The funding includes a £500,000 investment from the North East Innovation Fund, supported by the European Regional Development Fund and managed by Northstar Ventures. Prostate Cancer Research also joined as an investor, alongside a £250,000 investment from JR Holding ASI and £305,000 from angel investors. Additionally, Innovate UK awarded Nanovery a £750,000 grant to develop our disease screening activities.

Nanovery has been at the forefront of medical innovation, developing a nanorobot platform capable of detecting chronic illnesses such as prostate cancer, liver diseases, and severe conditions like acute liver and kidney toxicity. Our cutting-edge nanorobot advancements have applications across various sectors, including life sciences, pre-clinical drug development, agriculture bio, and food safety.

As part of our commitment to improving prostate cancer detection, we are now partnering with Prostate Cancer Research to focus on developing more reliable, simple, and accessible testing methods. Considering the mortality rates for prostate cancer have remained stagnant for 40 years, this collaboration is a timely and essential step toward improving outcomes for countless individuals.

This funding marks a new chapter for Nanovery, as we work tirelessly to revolutionise the field of disease detection and make a meaningful impact on global health. We are grateful for the support of our investors and look forward to sharing our progress with the world.

Stay tuned for updates on our exciting journey ahead!

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