Quarterly Update: November 2023 Highlights

4 Dec 2023
Jurek Kozyra

This November has been a busy month for Nanovery, filled with significant advancements and promising developments as we round off the year.

Reflecting on our journey, we're excited to share these key highlights with our community, highlighting our relentless pursuit of innovation in biotechnology.

1. Technological Breakthrough in Serum Analysis

A major breakthrough this month was our success in using our technology to analyse crude serum samples directly from patients. This milestone, a first for our technology, is a significant leap from previous tests, proving our technology's capability in real-world application and towards intended use in clinical settings. Our team is tirelessly working towards the final tests and controls in preparation for our first clinical study. Watch this space for the full clinical results coming soon!

2. Insights from the BIO-Europe Conference in Munich

Jurek (our founder) and Mark (CEO) represented Nanovery at the BIO-Europe conference in Munich. With over 30 productive meetings, our focus at BIO-Europe was twofold: engaging with developers in the microRNA biomarker space and exploring the emerging field of RNA therapeutics, identifying potential challenges and opportunities in bioanalysis. These conversations have been useful in shaping our strategic direction and understanding of the biotech landscape.

3. LSX Inv€$tival Showcase in London

Our participation in the LSX Inv€$tival Showcase in London has been a cornerstone in kick-starting our next investment round. We engaged with a diverse group of investors, from diagnostics and therapeutics to deep tech and biotech tools. Mark also gave a presentation at the event, highlighting our journey and potential to impact the growing nucleic acid analysis market.

It was interesting to learn about the recent successful exits in the industry, particularly those involving platform startups and scaleups, and gain investors' insights and feedback. For more information or to explore investment opportunities, please reach out to Mark (mark@nanovery.co.uk) or Jurek (jurek@nanovery.co.uk).

4. Supporting Career Development in the Local Biotech Industry

Tarin, one of our talented junior scientists at Nanovery, spoke this month at Durham University. Her presentation was part of the 'Biological Enterprise' module. She introduced Nanovery and explained our work in developing a DNA nanotechnology platform. Her talk focused on her role in this exciting field. Tarin shared her journey, starting with making reagents for pharma and life sciences. She then explored DNA nanotechnology's practical applications during her studies.

Her presentation gave students a firsthand account of her journey from academia to a role in biotechnology. This event not only highlights Tarin's personal and professional growth but also signifies her dedication to giving back to the community that shaped her. Through initiatives like these, where our team members share their experiences and insights, we believe we can effectively guide and inspire the next generation of scientists and biotech entrepreneurs.

Further strengthening our academic ties, Jurek was invited by Dr Emanuela Torelli, an expert in NanoBio Technology at the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex Biosystems group (ICOS2), to give a guest lecture at Newcastle University. His talk, aimed at Master’s students, delved into entrepreneurial skills essential in the biotech industry. This event also provided an opportunity to discuss potential collaborations in bio-detection with Dr. Torelli, a testament to Nanovery’s commitment to pioneering research and cutting-edge science.

In addition, Nanovery currently supports three industrial PhD studentships in collaboration with Newcastle University and Durham University, underscoring our commitment to nurturing future talents in biotechnology.

5. Celebrating Nanovery’s 5th Anniversary

This November, we celebrated a remarkable milestone – Nanovery's 5th anniversary. The occasion was a reflection of our journey's highs and lows and a testament to our team's resilience and pioneering spirit. Our team of ten, instrumental in shaping our company culture and trajectory, enjoyed a well-deserved afternoon off to celebrate this achievement.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far. Your support and enthusiasm continue to drive us forward. Stay updated by following Nanovery on LinkedIn for the latest news and developments.

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